A Life-Changing Decision... One Month In!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I've gone awol again on the blogging front, right after I promised it was high on my agenda. So what happened? Well... my life changed completely! After 248 job applications between September and March, I finally got offered a position! Better still, it was the only position I'd really cared passionately about out of all 248, although I was dubious about moving anywhere except back to London, the job was just too perfect to miss. Sooooo where am I? What do I do? Well, I now work at Next HQ as a trainee on the next sourcing team designing graphics and prints for childrenswear!!! Within 3 weeks of being offered the job, I'd found my dream flat in the centre of Leicester (which seems dead cheap compared to London... but 'I'm moving to Leicester were defo words I never thought i'd say), I'd popped to Barcelona for one last spontaneous dose of vitamin D and I moved in and started working.

So far I am loving it! Even if working on christmas in April is a little soul destroying. ;) It's taking a lot of getting used to sitting still all day as that's the complete opposite to my home life/my waitressing job. However, I think I've learnt more in the past month than I did in three years at uni all all my internships put together and I'm soooo glad a trainee position exists in the exact area I've always wanted to work in! My team are all absolutely amazing and adorable - it was my birthday in my second week and they bought me a huge cake/decorated my desk with balloons which was just the cutest thing ever.  It's just so amazing to be on a salary to draw all day. I'm definitely working a lot slower than I should be, but I think it's just taking me a while to get the hang of everything and I'm only naturally going to speed up with time. As for the move to Leicester, I'm not gonna lie, it's been a little lonely (especially as I still lack a wifi connection).... it's hard to make friends outside of work at this age too. If you've got any ideas, please let me know. I'm going to join the social club at work, maybe a couple of sports and the print studio in town once I've been paid again. But I'm struggling big time with my energy levels and I equally don't want to push myself over the edge and cause an M.E. relapse. Amy is just finishing up uni in Leicester so I'm hoping this means I get to spend some time with her before she moves to South Africa, but she's only just on her way back from her super long Easter hols. But luckily Ellie was in Nottingham for my first two weeks here so we could meet a few times too!

And what does this mean for everything else you know me for?? Well my instagram has certainly gone a bit quiet and is either dead monday to friday or just contains throwback photos, so that needs amending fast! London recommendations and things? i'm still popping down about twice a month (i wish it was more but east midlands fares are pretty high!!). Blogging? Probably only going to get more infrequent, but we'll see. My own illustration work? This is another priority that's high on the agenda. As I may have mentioned, before being offered a job I was working on producing my own children's homeware brand. I think that's something that's going to have to be put on hold for now as I have neither the time nor the energy - plus I obviously can't  goopen up my own children's focused brand whilst working for Next on childrenswear, it just wouldn't be allowed! However I'd still like to sell some original, unrelated screen prints and stationery/totes/pins once I get printmaking again. I think I'm going to scale down the plan and maybe open an Etsy/do a few craft fairs at some point. But for now my energy is going 100% into work. "But what about your travel addiction?" believe me, it's still live 'n' kicking. I've been on ryanair a million times a day for the past two weeks trying to get myself a cheap weekend deal, but they hardly exist!! And even though I have Luton, East Midlands and Birmingham under an hour away, everything cheap seems to depart from Stansted! :( I'm off to Morocco next month, which has been top of my list FOREVER and I'm hoping to squeeze in a weekend away to anywhere, a mini break with my travel buddies from the past two years (how weird it will be to not go travelling for the whole summer!!!?) and a trip each to see Caroline/Shauneen before the summer is out. Then maybe in the Autumn when the price goes down I'll find another cheap getaway to somewhere else high on my list (fingers crossed for Lisbon/Seville!)

This little life update turned quite long! I'll add a few photos of my flat just to spice it up a little. But thanks for reading and understanding my absence from the internet!

My kitchen and bathroom are looking equally as cute and turquoise, but I don't have photos of those to hand! And they're not tidy enough to snap up at the 4am insomniac time I'm writing this!

Much love, 


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  1. Your work is so gorgeous and such beautiful interior, you have a wonderful eye for design! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)