Out&About: The Best Exhibition to Ever Land in London

Hello hello hello. More than a month after I actually visited this exhibition and about two months since I swore I would blog more.... it turns out that a) I'm an awful liar and b) still a terrible blogger. I've had a busy few weeks with various job interviews, mega long shifts at work, briefs, commissions,  attending a course on staring my own business, beginning to turn those plans into reality, starting my scholarship place on the Make it in Design course and also planning the first steps of getting my Gold Arts Award (ten years after doing bronze & silver!!) Not to mention trying to squeeze in developing my portfolio, having a social life and spending time with my family/friends! So please forgive me...? And I promise to not make any more promises.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know (where HAVE you been?) the Fashion and Textile Museum in London is currently exhibiting a huge collection of Josef Frank's work and it is 100% the best exhibition I have ever seen.... (equalled only by the Matisse museum in Nice.) As a long time fan of Frank's work I have been anticipating this exhibition ever since it was first announced and it did not disappoint. The vibrancy and colour is absolutely marvellous with the entire ground floor just radiating with bright shades and bold patterns emblazoned on everything from hanging textiles to furniture to rugs. Unbelievably much of this work was created in the 1930s and 40s after Frank had escaped from the Nazis in his native Austria and found refuge in Sweden. At a time associated with darkness, drab colours and a lack of money, it is hard to believe that any of this incredible body of joyous work could have been emerging. Upstairs in the exhibition is a collection of Frank's watercolour paintings. As an aspiring textile designer myself, with this having always been one of my favourite designers ... I'm sure this won't be my only visit before the exhibition closes. 


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