Travels: Norway (at last!)

As I've probably mentioned a million times on here and on instagram, my bestest friend from uni moved back to Norway in August and I've been dying to visit her ever since. So when I had a couple of free weeks at the start of the year, I booked myself a trip to Bergen (via Copenhagen) for a reunion after five longgggg months! We last parted ways on the metro in Prague and were reunited with billions of hugs in Bergen bus station... it rains something like 230 days a year there, but I was totally blessed to have thick snow and blue skies everyday of my four day visit, making the scenery every bit as "Norway" as I could have wished for. You may recognise some of the residential roads/Bryggen photos from the film of Roald Dahl's "The Witches" too!

We did a lot of chillin' and chattin' in Caroline and her sister's beaaaauuutiful apartment (honestly, so much homeware envy), but on the second day we tackled Fløyen by foot to get spectacular views of the city and other surrounding mountains. There is a funicular up but it felt sooooooooooo good to get the super fresh air in my lungs and actually do something as active as summer! When we'd walked back down we went to Bar Barista for waffles  (an absolutely amaaaazing cafe-by-day, bar-by-night filled with the most eclectic 'stuff' - google it, it's beyond words) and we returned after tea for drinks until it closed in the early hours! The next day we ventured far down the tram line in search of the medieval church, it was getting dark and so treacherously icy climbing up to see it, I honestly didn't feel like I was going to make it home without a couple of broken limbs.... but it was so worth the risk to see the remarkably good condition church with its viking vibes. We've been in churches all round Europe, but none of them were anything like this! And we made it home in one piece!!! Having become obsessed with scandinavian shops in Denmark and all Caroline's funky home accessories I begged that we spent my final day browsing the shops, I couldn't purchase too much as I only had hand baggage but next time I go (hopefully in a couple of months!) I am going to just bring an empty bag for Sostrene Grene goodies!!!!!!! The trip ended with another emotional goodbye and tears all the way back to the airport, but it made me sooooo happy to be reunited that I'm still on a high three weeks later... post-uni loneliness is defo real though.

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