Travels: Copenhagen, Part Two

I promised part two of my Copenhagen City Guide would be posted today, but I'm just going to apologise in advance that after an all-nighter applying for new jobs, my brain is mush and this might make absolutely zero sense. Today though I'm going to talk (mostly) shopping and sleeping! It's no secret that scandinavians have fabulous design sense, but the shopping was sooooooooo much more incredible than I would have even imagined. I could genuinely write a book on how fab all the stores are, but I'm just gonna talk my four faves! The main shopping area is called Strøget and is all pedestrianised and just made me wish that they'd just pave over Oxford Street too. It's pretty much impossible to not pass through just as you're walking about the city so make sure you pop in to these:

**I didn't plan this post until I got home - hence the totally inconsistent quality/amount of photos etc**



Hay is a fancy pants homeware store located right in the centre of Stroget. I actually went inside just to take a photo of the square from above, but I was so blown away by the beautiful design that I never got that far! I think the brand itself is Danish, they sell simplistic, but sophisticated scandinavian furniture and home accessories. The vibe was so trendy and fancy, I felt well out of place in my huge 'duvet' coat and kids bobble hat - however, I found heaven in the stationery section - and definitely outstayed my welcome browsing pencils. I think there is one of these shops in Bath if anyone is interested! :)


One of my all time favourite surface design inspirations. I was soooo excited to find out they had an entire store in Copenhagen! Unfortunately everything was waaaaaaaaay out my price range - but so so good just to have a browse and see it all together under one roof, rather than one by one on pinterest!


I hadn't heard of this one before, and in fact stumbled across it as a total accident.... BUT IT INSTANTLY BECAME MY NEW FAVOURITE SHOP EVER. I've since found out that they are all over Europe (including England's first - Nottingham!) so I am totally astounded that I've never heard of or seen one before! They have vibes of Tiger about them in the stock itself, but with a heavy homeware focus and a bit more 'trend led'. The dimmed lighting and wooden boxes/shelving used to display everything makes it seem mega posh, but the prices are dead cheap - not just for Denmark! Unfortunately you can't order online, but it's well worth checking out if your next holiday destination has one!


How could I miss out TIGER?!! My favourite shop ever (well until I saw sostrene grene) - an average day in London for me would include visiting at least three branches! So how excited was I to be visiting the HOME of Flying Tiger Copenhagen? The very first thing I did after checking in was run to their flagship store, on Strøget. It was spread out over THREE FLOORS and so so so so nicely designed with absolutely everything you could ever hope or wish for! The layout was still typical Tiger, but with elements that totally poshed-it-up a bit like these shelves. Honestly like all my dreams had come true under one roof. 



I may have nicked those second and third pics off their website because apart from that one of the staircase mine were pretty pants. But at least I can now claim I'm linking you because they have 20% off at the moment with the code WIN16 - and they operate in most major cities around Europe, including London!! I was in Copenhagen alone, so I booked myself into the cheapest hostel I could find, which was the "Generator" hostel... it was actually heavenly!! As with absolutely everything in Denmark, the design was on point. These pictures show the communal areas - which were alive and buzzing 24 hours a day. There were loads of people travelling on their own also, so the atmosphere was really sociable and I met some amazing people! The rooms were pretty basic - but still clean and well designed! There was lockable storage for your stuff both in the room and down in reception. Also unlike every other hostel I've ever stayed in, your bed was made for you and there were two showers within the room. There were also options for quite affordable private rooms if you're going as a couple etc! Highly highly recommend - good price, great design, amazing social events!



I love liquorice, especiallyyyyy the salted variety. In fact it was one of the things that I was most excited about visiting Scandinavia.... the HOME of salty liquorice. But wherever I go, I have to try the ice cream - its pretty much the only rule I live by when travelling! I couldn't find anywhere selling scoops of ice cream - pretty understandable, considering it was minus seven degrees, but I did find a liquorice lolly!! Probably the only photo ever of a gloved hand holding ice cream haa!


I realised that I missed this one out of the part one post, but it's worth a visit. If you're an early bird like me, you'll find very few things in the city centre are open before 10am, or even 11am. However the "Church of Our Lady" as it is officially known, opens its doors at 8am and there's no admission fee unlike the cathedrals of every other major city! It's got a definite scandi-feel to it, being bright and airy with lots of white and wood and modern lighting.


Another randomer, I posted this wall on instagram and lots of people were asking where it was (presumably so they can also instagram the wall!!!) it's actually a cinema called Palads Teatret, right by the central station. 

Next up, Norway!


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  1. I cannot BELIEVE I missed that last wall! So dreamy! That hostel looks awesome, too - I'll have to check in there if I ever go back. Loving these posts - looking forward to Norway's.