Travel Sketchbook

Oh happy daaaays! I was just packing for my little Scandinavian adventure when I realised the sketchbook I thought I'd left on a bus in Prague last August had in fact been in the hidden compartment of my backpack for the past six months. I definitely feel like I'd got the 'hang' of travel sketchbooking way more in 2016 compared to the previous year (which you can see here and here)... this time round I actually did most of it on-the-go which has created a much more energetic, raw and reportage feel... added to by the use of looser materials and more colour. I'd love to make a series of silkscreen prints combining photos/drawings of my fave bits........ whenever I can next afford to buy more silkscreen medium! I seriously don't think I have ever been so happy to be reunited with something though - I'm so looking forward to taking my little Leuchtturm with me again next week and having some quality time, just my sketchbook and me! 


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