Seventeen Hopes for 2017

I'm plotting a MAJOR blog overhaul... defo a redesign and maybe moving to wordpress OR even integrating it with my website.....but in the meantime, here is the 'other' post I do at new years every single year - on this blog and on the one I had before it, I think I first wrote one of these in 2009... so I have a heck of a lot more resolutions to come up with than I did then...

1) Stop interning, start earning. 
And quit my temping job. I've learnt soooooo much through interning and I'm so pleased that I've had such a diverse range of experiences over the past three months, but I'm so ready to start earning a proper wage/salary in a job that I enjoy. All I want is to have a job that makes me want to get up in the morning and pays enough that I can pay rent/bills!

2) Start my own business.
Plans for this are VERY VERY close to completion. I had planned to open on 1st January, but I haven't worked enough shifts to have enough dollar to do that just yet. I've got a place on one of the Prince's Trust start up courses, but I'm planning to launch my own shop selling homeware/prints/stationery/fabrics/childrens stuff etc in the next six weeks some time. SO WATCH THIS SPACE.

3) Move back to London or somewhere more exciting.
We all know I love London more than life itself, but I'm equally craving an adventure abroad or something. Basically I will go wherever there is work, even in the UK, but I'm so desperate to have my independence back!!!

I am starting 2017 off the right way, with a trip to Denmark, Sweden and Norway next week! Which are three places I've never been before. I want to set myself a goal of a number of places, but I know I will never top last year's 27! Because even when I find a job that gives me proper money, I wouldn't be able to have enough holiday days to go everywhere :( ...and the money will probs have to go on grown up things like rent...but if I can do three in the next two weeks, I am going to set myself the goal of 17 cities abroad in 2017!

5) Finally venture outside of Europe. 
It's a little crazy that someone sooooo addicted to travelling has never stepped foot in another continent. I LOVE the diversity of Europe so so so much and there's still a ridiculously long list of places I want to visit here, but equally I would love to experience somewhere beyond. Norwegian Air are offering £60 flights to New York from summer, so might it be the year I FINALLY go there?! And one of my best friends is getting married in South Africa, so I'm praying I can make it! But Morocco is still number one on my list!

6) Spend less time on trains. 
I've been spending soooooooo many hours commuting to London to earn a tiny wage and most my money goes on these journeys. It's a waste of so many valuable hours of my life basically and I could be earning just as much money locally and not paying full whack to get to work.

7) Sketchbook EVERY DAY.
In fact more than sketchbook, work on self-initiated projects every single day I don't have freelance stuff to do. And make new product ranges for resolution number two  2-4 times a year!?

Words cannot describe the good sunny vibes. I need it in my life again.

9) Watch less rubbish TV. 
I don't watch proper trash, just the likes of Holby City etc. I've got into a bad habit of needing iPlayer on in the background to send me to sleep, so it's time I learnt to fall asleep through reading or something...

10) Exercise somehow.
Living in London was a workout in itself and with a lot of my life being spent at my desk, I want to get back into swimming or yoga.... or maybe running because it's free.... I'm not bothered about my weight or anything, just craving the endorphins or whatever they're called.

11) Go to the doctors on my own.
The baby-est resolution there ever was. I have the biggest phobia of doctors ever, like it's absolutely uncontrollable.... I walk into the GP surgery and start violently shaking/crying and its totally inexplainable, because I go to the hospital on my own and its fine...

12) Not have my annual M.E. relapse.
I have no control over this, so it's maybe a little silly to add it to this list, but every year since I first got ill in 2008, at some point between January-March I've had a huuuuuuuuuge setback. HOWEVER I'm starting the year feeling healthier than I have everrrrrrrrrrrr before and praying it won't happen again!

13) Make better use of my ELP membership.
In November I joined East London Printmakers, so that I could screen print more and I'm determined to make better use of my membership - especially in terms of developing my portfolio and products to sell.

14) Create some sort of self-promo mailout...
This has been the idea for a long time, just needs me to work on how to make it super impressive on a v. v. v. low budget.

We are so blessed as new creatives to live in the age of social media and I 100% don't use it to the best of my advantage. I want to turn twitter back into a self-promo tool and blog more (just in general) and use instagram to post more work related stuff.

16) Get back into #cbloggers
Lauren works so hard at #cbloggers as a project and I used to be so into all the weekly chats and everything, but at some point in 2016 I was always busy when they were held etc etc and it's so bad of me because the community of creatives I need in my life is there ready assembled and I'm not joining in (probs cos I'm on a train/watching bad tv). I need to sort this out and get to know everyone again!!

As I said up the top, this is kind of the plan for the very immediate future. Launching business-wise I want a website to match (well, a section of my own) so I need a major design overhaul - which my blog especially, but my website also, have been crying out for for so long. My blog has become kind of neglected/100% travel related and I need to decide how to integrate that back into my illustration stuff. Also, blogger is so limited in making my blog look 'up to date' design wise and I need to know, is wordpress better for this????????????? Lemme know your thoughts over on twitter! I can't be a designer with such badly designed websites ;)

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