2016 in Pictures

This time last year, I was seeing the new year in from Hampstead Heath and if you'd asked me then where I thought I'd be now the answer would have been anywhere but back at home. Alas, 12 months later that is exactly where I am, but priorities change and I'm not sat around doing nothing, so it's not the end of the world. Rewinding to the start of 2016 and some bizarre, unwelcome new symptom arrived out of nowhere on 2nd January and for seemingly no apparent reason I was fainting all over the place (actually for most of the year) but in a strange way it taught me how to look after myself..... and at some point in all that I learnt how to fall asleep at night after literally having had insomnia since the age of five. I spent most of Jan/Feb living and breathing my dissertation including leaving my house at 5am seven days a week... the newly refurbished (and oh-so-instagrammable) library became my home and I would make myself super cosy and watch the winter sunrises over London everyday. 

When I finally said goodbye to my dissertation and turned my attention to my practical work, something just 'clicked' and what i think my just be my illustration "style" was born somewhat unexpectedly. Somewhere in amongst my last couple of weeks of uni, something convinced me I needed to switch off for a couple of days or else I'd burn out before the final hurdle, so I spent my birthday in Budapest with half my housemates! Never have I fallen quite so in love with a city quite so quickly. I somehow convinced everyone to get up at 5am and see the sunrise, which probably still tops my fave sunrises ever... and I've seen A LOT of them! 

Once everything was handed in, I spend a couple of weeks travelling around the country/France catching up with all the friends I'd neglected during third year  and showing Caroline my fave bits of the UK. Before having what was basically a giant holiday of two fun filled months in London, racing through my 100 things list of things to see/do in London that I'd set myself to conquer before the end of uni. During this time we also had our degree show, exhibited at D&AD and graduated. And in June, the light of my life, my baby niece entered the world!!!!!! July and August were really something special though, within 48 hours of walking across the graduation stage, my parents had driven my entire life back to theirs and I was sat at Stansted ready to take on Europe for the second summer running! In February, uni had given me £1000 for my academic achievements and I had mammoth travel plans to reflect (work hard, play harder and all that). Over those couple of months, we went from dancing til dawn at benicassim, to swimming in secluded waterfalls in Andalucia, to serious history in Berlin. The trip wasn't without its fair share of drama, with broken limbs (not mine), break-ins and the like, but nothing can compare to the total exhilaration of waking up in a new city everyday with beautiful weather and beautiful people.

The final few months of the year have been spent learning loaaaaads through interning at a few different places, temping for money and building my portfolio big time. Although it's absolutely killing me to be back home, I'm so grateful that my parents were ok with me being here whilst I built up loads of experience in different arts areas. That being said, I'm naturally such an independent person and I am definitely ready to fly the nest again now. I've had a taste of true city life and I loved every second of it. Roll on new challenges, whatever they may be.

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