TRAVELS: Wroclaw

As I've now been back in the country six weeks (where did that time go!?) it's probably about time I wrapped up these travel posts and stopped latergramming, because apart from anything else I've got more important things to be doing i.e. getting on with real life. This is the third-to-last travel post I've left to do, town twenty of twenty-two... WROCLAW in western Poland. We were very lucky to be staying in one of these magnificent coloured houses right on the market square in the centre of town, the orange and yellow one in the third picture down to be exact, another real AirBnB winner - with a magnificent view of the city hall and street performers! We kickstarted our three days with an incredible personal tour from someone at uni's sister and honestly it was the best possible way to get our bearings and accumulate an almighty list of things to do. Unfortunately there was so much we missed out on again because time was short....the list of "things I would do next time" far outweighs the list of "things we did" but it was a charming city nonetheless. 

Our (very) incomplete to-do list...
1)  Cathedral island & a trip to the top of the tower
2) Botanical Gardens
4) Japanese Gardens
5) Wroclaw fountain Show (we almost made it to this one, but had a huge google maps error)
5) Market Hall
6) Raclawice Panorama
7) Sky Tower
8) Lody Naturalne Ice Cream Shop - SO GOOD AND SO CHEAP, equivalent to 70p, best ice cream ever.
9) University Library
10) Church of the Holy Name of Jesus

Oh yeah...and there were little dwarf/gnome statues absolutely EVERYWHERE!! Hundreds of them!


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