I didn't take so many photos in Berlin, I'm not so sure why because it was such a cool place and I am definitely returning sometime. I rather naively arrived with very little knowledge of the city's history, I vaguely knew that it used to be divided in two but I had no idea how recent that was or how brutal. The Berlin Wall is a must, the number one thing you should visit and I highly recommend the Wall Museum to help you fully appreciate its significance - no matter how much you *think* you know. We also took a trip to the Jewish Memorial and Jewish Museum, again these are absolutely heartbreaking, but shouldn't be missed.... we were at the museum a good four hours and still missed out a huuuuuge section at the end, so allow plenty of time to go around. On a lighter note, we had some smashing burritos at Maria Bonita and also visited the Berlin book tree - where I picked up the dead cool "Yokoland" that someone had left behind - well proud of that find! Berlin screams retro and its trendy vintage shops, working internet cafes, people and public transport are all dead cool and remind me no end of the nineties. It is 100% somewhere I hope to head back to very soon. 


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