European Travels 1SE

Whilst we were away travelling, Ellie showed me the One Second Everyday app (which is available on android and apple app store) and is super easy to use to record your life in a slightly different way! It works by you to picking one second of video recording or a photo each day and then the app mashes them together into a video - doing all the hard work for you! I stopped using it once I got back to England because my life is rather dull at the moment, but I really really wish I'd known about it during uni because having a video taking something from everyday of my three years in London really would have been the most precious thing. Howeverrrrr, I hope you enjoy this one showing a little bit of everyday of our summer travels - the quick speed and juxtaposition of the clips really does show how varied it was.... with everything from festivals to waterfalls to big cities and it makes me so emotional every time I play it back!

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