Travels: Venice (....reality 99% Burano, 1% Venice)

Don't get me wrong, Venice is one of those places everyone should visit once. But to be honest it is soooooooooooooooo touristy that really all you are visiting is a one-way circuit of overpriced gift shops. You'd have to take out a loan to do a supermarket shop there and probably re-mortgage your house if you actually wanted to go on a gondola. My number one piece of advice is to buy a Venice Unica pass (expensive, but the one thing that's actually worth it) and spend your time on the other islands - Murano, Burano, Torcello etc etc etc. Personal fave is DEFO Burano, what not to love about an island that you can co-ordinate with your clothes? Our day here was pretty much a massive photoshoot. I can't even explain the difference in pace between Burano and neighbouring Murano compared to proper 'Venice'.... it's unreal and you don't even realise quite how stressful Venice is until you get away from it for a few hours. 

ALSO, i ate pizza. In actual Italy. This was my 4th visit and the first time my throat muscles have been strong enough to eat it!!! :) WOOHOOOO.

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