Travels: Ronda

What an absolutely amazing accident. I was sure I wanted to see more of Andalucia but I had no clue what was what, so a bit of random googling lead us to Ronda, in the west and kinda nearishhhhh Gibraltar/Juzcar. We actually never made it to either Gibraltar or Juzcar because Ronda absolutely blew us away with beauty. The town itself is built either side of a canyon and linked with a huuuuuuuge bridge, it reached forty-five degrees whilst we were there too! So naturally Ellie, Dom and I spent the afternoon climbing down the canyon-side to view the impressive bridge and waterfall from below and then as soon as we'd trekked back up, naturally we did the same on the other side with Shauneen and Caroline in the secret garden/mines of the town. Whilst we were in Ronda we also got a taxi to the Cueva del Gato (cat cave) which I 10000000% recommend. One of the most amazing things we did on the whole trip! In a v. v. v. rural location, we shared these secret and secluded waterfalls with only a couple of other groups. The water was f'ing freeeeeeezzzzzing, I felt all my joints cry ha, but sooooooo absolutely worth it. The first time I'd ever even seen a waterfall too! No descriptions or photos do it justice, this beat the krka waterfalls we swam in in Croatia by a million billion miles.


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