Travels: Milan (and brekkie at Bar Luce)

Some people find travelling with me a total nightmare.... I do things like book us into Milan for less than twelve hours but insist we still have time to do LOADS. On this occasion, spending so little time there was actually a total accident, but an early start meant we still managed to squeeze in the duomo, the galleria vittorio Emanuele ii AND the best breakfast of my life before our midday train to Venice. Plus proper italian pizza the night before! The heavenly breakfast of super sickly ice cream and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice came from Bar Luce.... a cafe designed by film director Wes Anderson, located in the grounds of the Fondazione Prada. Ellie has the full lowdown and much nicer photos over on her blog - check that out and all her other travelling posts. This girl was the absolute dream to travel with, organisation down to a tee, early mornings, late nights, always down for ice cream, multiple cameras at the ready and an amazing itinery for the day, always. I'm soooooo glad we did this trip together and hope there are more getaways together in the future (pleeeeaaaase Ellie) ..... :)))))

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