Travels: Metelkova, Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is one of those idyllic looking places you see loads of photos of on pinterest etc, however in real life it was very different to how we imagined. For starters, it is TINY. Like teeny tiny, smaller than Cambridge for sure. And far less shops. Absolutely bonkers to think it's the capital city. Also, we were there on a Monday and 99% of tourist attractions were shut. The weather was a bit pants and some random guy broke into our AirBnb at 2am which proper proper shook us up a lot and definitely tainted our experience a bit. That being said, don't get me wrong, I loved Ljubljana - its streets filled with loads of design shops, a fab underground illustration exhibition and countless cute cafes, I just wish the museums had been open. By far the best bit of Ljubljana we saw was Metelkova, these former army barracks are covered in all manner of colour, oddities and multimedia art. It is now one of the most successful squats in Europe and also a renowned centre for the 'alternative' and 'subculture' scenes, with bars, music venues and art exhibitions open each night.


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