Travels: MADRID!

From Barcelona onto... MADRID! We flew there with Vueling at some crazy early o'clock in the morning, as that was the cheapest and quickest way. We only had about twenty-four hours there and considering that I felt like I came totally unprepared. I've heard so many good things about its markets and museums etc etc but I hadn't done my research, so we went with the obvious (the Royal Palace), the cheapest way to get a good view (the top floor of El Corte Ingles) and the beautiful El Retiro Park (home to the crystal palace and a funky fine art gallery). The whole city was like a billion degrees and there was no escaping the heat so everybody else was dying, whilst I was just dancing in the 40 degree sunshine. Madrid is definitely somewhere I'd like to revisit, but fully prepared next time! ;) 

These pictures are shockingly bad quality because I didn't have my dslr out with me, so they're all direct off instagram!


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  1. This place looks beautiful Naomi, so much pattern!!!

    Jodie x