Travels: The Alhambra, Granada aka PATTERN HEAVEN

I was going to title this blog post "Granada" until I realised that actually every single photo I took there was in/on the way to the Alhambra. Granada was suuuuuuch a lovely city which totally lived up to every expectation I had, I would loveeeeee to go there again for longer. In fact I've come to the conclusion that the whole area of Andalucia is like my spiritual home, I often get weird pangs of a feeling I can only describe as 'homesickness' for the south of Spain despite the fact I've never lived there! Even though we were staying two nights (in a terrible AirBnb we dubbed 'murderhouse' due to a whole catalogue of suspicious items) we actually only had the one day to explore which was Cat's 21st birthday! Ellie and I got up super early with the sunrise to go and queue for tickets to the Alhambra (DEFINITELY recommend doing this - as tickets sell out quick) and to prepare a surprise birthday breakfast banquet for Cat. We spent the rest of the morning moseying around the pretty little shops (plus more inditex shops) and the beautiful Moorish/Moroccan inspired markets, before making our way back up the hill for our afternoon slot at the Alhambra. For the total pattern addict I am, this place was HEAVEN. I spent about three times as long as everybody else walking around the interior of the palace, just absolutely in my element. I cannot even begin to explain my excitement. I have wanted to visit this place for YE-AAAHS. I took more photos here than the rest of Spain put together and if anything, it just made me even more desperate to visit Morocco. 


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