After the longest blogging break, but best summer, I've EVER had.... I'm pleased to say I'm back for good and here today with the longest blog post EVER! Uni finished for good at the end of May and I am unbelievably now an illustration graduate (with a first class honours, no less ;) ...) now which still feels so so so SO weird to say. I'm also now an Auntie which also feels super bizarre to say, but my new niece Lily is the most perfect little thing in the world and I've never been so in love. Instead of launching myself straight into full time work, I've been treating myself to the best summer of my life with money I've been saving specifically for adventures! I recently returned from travelling Europe for six incredible weeks, across seven countries and twenty-two beautiful towns (more blog posts on that to come sooooon.) But even before that May/June/July were absolutely amazing (despite still fainting almost everyday), just having the time and opportunity to visit my friends and family who I neglected majorly during the dissertation and final project months and I also took Caroline on a whistle stop tour of my fave places in the UK (Lincoln, York, Bath) before she moves back to Norway. I was also busy ticking things off my #100thingslist of things to see/do in London and sadly (like REALLY sadly, real tears happened) I've now moved out of my Wembley home and no longer live in London, but its still the love of my life and I will BE BACK. I mean I've been three times in the past week, I just cannot stay away!

First stop in May was to visit Silvia in Norwich! 

A couple of things ticked off my London list, finally seeing the inside of Neasden temple (after seeing the outside 10000 times!) and also visiting Leighton House Museum in West London which was absolutely stunning inside... unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take photos in either but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND both as alternative London activities!!!

My Grandparents came to visit us in Ely and we took them round the cathedral!

Then I went to visit Amy in Leicester, who told me over ice cream she is GETTING MARRIED!!!! How exciting! I am so happy for her I was genuinely bouncing about the whole way home!!!

I went up to Manchester for Rosie's birthday and we took a trip to Yorkshire where I finally got to see Hebden Bridge, which fully lived up to my expectations of its cutesyness and artsyness but it was heartbreaking seeing so many local businesses still suffering the after effects of the Christmas floods. 
OH AND DID I MENTION?! I can finallyyyy eat pizza again after eight years of throat problems!

Returning from Manchester, I was launched straight back into exhibition prep for our degree show (you can see PLENTY of this work in previous posts). I absolutely love organising arts events and it's something I'd love to get into in the future. It was great fun to do all the social media/merchandise stuff and the general set-up (except polishing and hoovering...not my forte) Myself and Eva were in charge of organising the merchandise stall and I'm well proud of how well that bit went...plus I made an impressive chunk of money on mug/prints/postcards sales, woohooo...thinking of setting up shop online too.

MORE LONDON ADVENTURES! My absolute favourite human Caroline has now moved back to Norway and that's absolutely heartbreaking, but I was so so so lucky to have such an amazing friend at uni who was up for absolutely anything and loved adventuring as much as I do. 

 Caroline and I also attended our first Funzing workshop in Harrow, with the wonderful Susannah Cartwright who has been so supportive with helping us with career advice and even made the effort to come to our degree show private view. She is soooo lovely and if you're anywhere in London I highly recommend this block printing workshop!!

Caroline and I went to Lincoln to visit my grandparents, who kindly took us around the newly opened castle walls along with my cousin Hannah. It was an absolutely lovely day and as always just made me wish I lived closer to my grandparents.

 We also went to York and Bath (and Hull to see Ana...but sadly she was ill!)

Yet another thing ticked off my London list, my trip to Eel Pie Island in Twickenham!

In June I also popped to Paris (literally, St Pancras is SO useful) via Lille. Toby kindly had me to stay and did an excellent job of being my tour guide despite not being in best form himself(including getting me out of a train fine!) and I saw sooo much of Paris I'd never seen before, because I usually bypass the city just to spend time with Toby in Disneyland...which we of course did too.

MORE LONDON EXPLORING: Charlotte and Verity came down to visit and it gave me the perfect excuse to act totally touristy and see London from all the angles.... starting with a quick pop up the sky garden, a cable car ride and a trip down the Thames. The same week I also visited the new Tate viewing gallery and went up the shard.... such a tourist.... but so in love with London!

My absolutely GORGEOUS niece, Lily at 25 days old. Words cannot describe how much I adore this little bundle of adorableness :)

 The 11th July marked our graduation at the Royal Festival Hall on Southbank. All three of my siblings made it down which made me sooooooo happy even if graduation didn't really live up to expectation! Then the morning of 13th July we moved out of our house in Wembley, which would have really upset me if it wasn't for the fact I was heading straight to Stansted for the best six weeks of my entire life (MORE BLOG POSTS COMING SOOOOOON) I'm also hoping to post plenty more arty stuff from now on, if I ever finish unpacking my art stuff!

(Feels good to be back!)

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  1. You have been busy! Welcome back and congratulations on the first! Beautiful pictures, Naomi :)

    erin | words and pictures