I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello hello hello! I've totally neglected my blog for sooooooooooooooo so so so long because I had to keep the uni related posts top until the moderator had been. Uni is officially over (though I still seem to be in everyday????), we've had our degree show and I have all my module marks, just waiting on my overall grade! EEEEK. I always say that marks are meaningless and preach to people that a well rounded life and that type of experience is what matters most but I am feeling a level of excitement this time! ANYWAY, enough about uni. On to the important stuff! I have one month left in London until I move out/go travelling.... and if you remember my list of 100 things I desperately want to do in London before I move out, I have the challenge of fitting 48 things into one month! Any London peeps who are up for joining me on some exploring/adventures, tweet me @naomikratz! Would be lovely to have some group days out too!

Had quite a few mini adventures already, so normal posts will resume VERY SOON :)

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