Sketchbook: Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

Whilst in Budapest I celebrated my birthday, which meant an excuse to get a little bit bossy and decide exactly what I wanted to do with the day! After dragging everyone out of bed at 5am to see the sunrise from the top of Castle Hill, we then went for a dip in the Gellert Baths, stopped off for some breakfast in the central market hall and then to the Museum of Applied Arts (Iparművészeti Múzeum) by 10am. I am the most annoying friend ever, I know.
 The museum itself was incredible - a yellow building with a gorgeous green roof and the most beautiful 
entrance you have ever seen! Inside was equally impressive. There were three exhibitions
running, my favourite being the Islamic Art section, which was filled with intricate 
textiles and other items decorated in such a way that they create narratives of great significance.
Equally interesting was the exhibition "In The Mood For Colour" which was divided
into four rooms, each full of items of a specific colour, plus the experience began with
the interactive aspect of analysing what you were wearing and matching you up
to an artefact from the collection. I was of course a piece of William Morris design! ;) 
Another of my favourite bits of Budapest for sure! 

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