Silent Disco at the Shard

A non-uni related post!!!! I miss blogging about London and travel stuff too :( 

Time Out Tastemakers kindly gave a few of us free tickets to a silent disco at 'View from the Shard' on Easter Sunday and it was INCREDIBLE. Possibly one of the best things I have ever done in London! This was my first trip up the Shard (hopefully first of many, as I now own an annual pass!) and it was absolutely breathtaking to step out the lift to see the London lights glittering away in every direction. The weather was a little stormy with wild winds howling down through the open bit at the top which just made me even more hyperactive and full of energy to dance the night away. The headphones gave a choice of three channels, but mine remained firmly on the 'novelty' disco music, it felt like I was in some kind of film to be dancing away in the sky, on a practically empty dance floor.... absolutely amaaaaaaazing night out!

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