Out & About: Nikolai Astrup at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dissertation is over!!!! I am officially back in the real world.... no more 5am starts in the library... I'm going to miss seeing the beautiful sunrise over the London skyline everyday but I'm glad I never have to write a theory assignment again (hopefully)!

A few weeks ago Caroline and I went to see the Nikolai Astrup exhibition down in Dulwich. Never have I been so enchanted by a fine art painting show, the magical Norwegian scenery was depicted by Astrup in such a way that it told a narrative. Caroline (who is from Norway!) took great pride in explaining to me some of the traditional events which featured in some of the paintings which allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the interaction between the characters and their surroundings. The insane level of detail and carefully chosen colour palettes make Astrup's paintings very visually appealing, but what really struck me was the sense of nostalgia and personal connection of experiences the artist had had growing up in the Nordic culture with its stunning surroundings. One image which particularly resonated with me (which I couldn't find to post below) showed a mother and her children eating breakfast in a gloriously floral garden just outside a typical white wooden house, this was one of the key influences to the theme I chose of "Country Mornings" for my FMP project creating breakfastware!

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