Museum of Printed Textiles: Mulhouse, France

It's been at least two years since I first found out the Musee de l'Impression Sur Etoffes existed in the French town of Mulhouse. To be honest I thought I would never get to visit as it's a bit out of the way from anywhere else, however the RyanAir sale had £4.99 flights for December to the airport 20 minutes away on the Swiss/German/French border. I immediately booked myself a day trip to the town, pretty much especially to go to the museum! I also made plans to go to the Museum of Cultures and the Paper Mill in Switzerland, a couple of Christmas markets, and pop over the border to Germany - intense, but incredible 24 hours!!!

I learnt so so so so sooooooo much from the Museum of Printed Textiles, it's kind of hard to put it all into words it's such an overwhelming amount of information. But the Museum covered the heritage of both Asian and European printmaking and painting methods, with a detailed journey of recent decades told through the pioneering artists and there was also a lot of 'local' history as the town was once the centre of France's textiles industry and the women of the area were all educated in the process.  Aside from lots and lots of beautiful handprinted and hand painted examples, there was also a great amount of early industry machinery, showing the progression of technology through time. It was possible to partake in workshops of woodblocks and roller printing methods too, which I would have jumped at the opportunity of if I hadn't been so pushed for time!!

Naomi x

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