Arty Adventures: Visual Travel Memoir

Sorry for my half month blogging absence, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas etc etc! Happy 2016! One of my two uni projects this semester has been a self-directed brief to take the sketchbook drawings I made in Italy/France/Spain and turn them into some kind of organised, thematic document  - I'm not sure if I can call them zines as they're pretty miniature and maybe not too easy to reproduce? But I had two sketchbooks full of imagery and I was more than willing to do more painting and printmaking from my photographs and initial sketchbooks. I spent quite a lot of the early stages of this project feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of imagery and experiences and couldn't see how I was going to narrow everything down into such a small 'artefact' as I'd proposed way back in September. In some bizarre attempt (???) to conquer this feeling I ended up creating a LOT more work on the subject, which led me to discover the elements I was most drawn to seemed to be Italian architecture, found patterns and colour schemes spotted whilst out and about.

Taking these themes into account I curated together 5 miniature 'zine like objects' (I am really not keen to call them zines!) and various other bits and bobs such as tickets and photo proofs. Which when all clipped together would be layered so they were all a little bit visible, giving the impression of the breadth of experiences and appearing more like a travel journal than a zine. This project was proposed to be a very personal piece, which I found very enjoyable, but I feel this also made it very hard for me to detail it's context and purpose.

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  1. I loveee the sunset record you made, and that label maker, and your illustrations, and everything in those pictures!!!

    Jodie, A Textile Perspective :)