TRAVELS: A Quick Trip to Switzerland & France...

Late on Monday night Ana arrived down in London and we hopped on a 1am coach to Stansted, where we had a 5am check-in for a £4.99 Ryanair flight to Basel we booked last month! Basel is located in the very tippity top corner of Switzerland, with the top edge bordering Germany and to the left France. As we only had 24 hours, the second we went through security we hopped on a train to Mulhouse. Home to the 'Musee De I'impression Sur Etoffe' (Museum of Printed Textiles-seperate post on its way), Mulhouse looks like somebody has lifted it straight out of a fairytale and the Christmas Market was in town too just to make it even more magical!  Around lunchtime we caught the train back towards Switzerland and headed to the 'Museum de Kulturen' (Museum of Cultures) which was located up near Basler Munster...as the museum was soooo amazing and full of stuff, we had very little time left and missed out on the Paper Mill, but made it into a couple of shops and did some laps of the Christmas Market there too (which I believe is the biggest in Switzerland!) Our hotel for the night was just over the border in Germany, so we got a few hours sleep before an 8am check in for our flight back! Thanks to Ryanair for being so cheap, I am definitely going to go on more spontaneous trips like this...although I'm also saving my money for another trip round Europe in July!

Naomi x

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  1. these photos are so beautiful! I adore travelling, lovely post! <3