More Travel Sketchbook

Back in November, I reposted images from my travel sketchbook, the majority of which was done observationally or on one of the many train trips we took whilst backpacking last Summer. My intention for this term's second project was to collate them together into some kind of 'artefact' which I might describe to invisage being a cross between a zine and a journal. The issue I was facing is that the original pieces didn't have much visual synergy and didn't sit well together visually OR thematically. In order to overcome this I have been working from very very rough observational pencil sketches at the time and photographs to create more imagery, this exercise has allowed me to be considered in style and theme. In terms of the finished piece I see myself creating now, I think that I would like to narrow down it's breadth by focussing on only one country, Italy, and thematically looking at things like architecture, patterns and nature. I am also keen to challenge myself to become better at drawing 'people' over coming months as I think it's something important for all illustrators, regardless of specialism, to have a style of doing. 

Naomi x

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