SO me and Ellie have booked tickets to Benicassim festival! Which is a total dream come true, ever since my big brother went yeeee-ars ago.... it's my very first festival and it's in Spain, what more could I want!? PLUS it's literally like the day after my graduation, what a celebration! AND to make it even better we are planning and currently plotting out routes to continue our travels straight afterwards (with a few other friends too). I've been going Pinterest craaaaaaaaaazzzzzyyyyyyy for this, literally travel is my only motivation to finish third year, I'm even taking a spontaneous daytrip(ish) to Switzerland/France next week. These are a selection photos from the Pinterest board spanning like Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland I think...... I am buzzing to book this, literally - I've a feeling I'm going to spend every last penny I own on it, as its my last chance for a proper long explore before my adult life begins! ;)

Naomi x

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  1. Ahhhh this is so amazing! Please give me a heads up when you're planning things I'd still love to come travel with you! :D
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!