REPOST-(ish): Travel Sketchbook #1

I first posted these sketchbook pages way back in June, however one of my uni projects this term involves creating some type of 'artefact' or 'zine' which is a collation/curation type thing of sketchbook drawings and travel illustrations from my backpacking trip around Western Europe in the summer. Part of the reason I sound so unsure of myself is, as you can see below, the variation in illustration styles below, which differs greatly page to page - based on the feel and look of each location, the media appropriate to use at the time and whether I worked back into them again at home afterwards. These factors are going to make it very difficult to produce something which is kind of 'united'. I'm also apprehensive of using the word 'zine' because I want the outcome to be kind of personal to the trip, possibly even including photos/tickets etc and hence making it unsuitable for reproduction and distribution.

Naomi x

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