Out&About: BUST Christmas Craftacular 2015

Those of you who've followed my blog since the start will be very familiar with my annual trip to the BUST Christmas Craftacular, which returned again to Bethnal Green's York Hall at the weekend! I took Caroline down with me this time and we did it properly ... I mean like we turned up and queued like half an hour in freezing temperatures to get the free goody bag! Which was excellent, including £12 of magazines, pin badges, a mirror, discount cards etcccc...! The stalls and sellers were probably the most creative I've ever seen at BUST and it would definitely definitely be  dream to sell here one day!!! I just love going to these arts events and seeing what new illustrators are up to... here's a few photos...I tried to capture their signage in the photos, so you should be able to read who's who on it, but ask me for credits if not! :)



  1. Oh my this place looks like heaven , I will have to put it in my diary for next year, super dreamy. I can imagine myself spending a fortune in here!!!

    Jodie - A Textile Perspective

  2. Ah wow those plant pots are gorgeous! I love the never ending supply of craft fairs are around Christmas time, I wish i could visit them all but its probably a good idea that I don't or I'd end up spending too much money hahah!

  3. omg this looks incredible! Another thing to add to the list of things i wanna go to!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!