Out & About: 31 Fournier Street

I've been familiar with 31 Fournier Street since my very first trip to Brick Lane and have walked down it a thousand times before but never in a million years would I have imagined the treasure trove that sits behind the door of number 31. I was aware that this area was once the centre of London's textile industry, but what I hadn't realised was that by appointment only the public can book in to view the textile design archives and miscellaneous objects held here. It was absolutely fascinating to see the original painted on paper designs of 30's and 50's textiles and reassured me that working on paper rather than straight onto fabric was a good idea. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the 50's designer, but her textiles were an absolute dream and her portfolio was humungous. The bookcases were also absolutely fascinating, with hardback bound books that were decorated and designed to perfection, if only books were still made like this! I've included a few images below, but there are more on my instagram account if anybody is interested.

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