"Liberty in Fashion" Exhibition // My Work in the Fashion & Textile Museum

I first went to the Private View of "Liberty in Fashion" at the Fashion & Textile Museum in Bermondsey about three weeks ago, but I forgot my camera...so this blog post has had to wait until after my second trip with Mum yesterday. She came down to London especially to see it as my illustration of the Liberty building features in the first room!!! I still can't get over how big they blew it up to - such a surprise! It started as an a4 sketchbook drawing I did in first year, they spotted a photo of it online and asked me if they could use it! :) The rest of the exhibition looks at Liberty's iconic and innovative clothing that created new fashions rather than followed existing styles. For me, as a total patternaholic, I was in heaven looking at all the Liberty Art Fabrics from down the decades as part of these original garments. Also totally inspiring for my own Autumnal collection of patterns. Although, the best bit of the exhibition by far was the Sarah Campbell and Susan Collier room - two of Liberty's surface designers with an extensive back catalogue of work. You could see inside their sketchbooks, the grids they used, how they picked out colour palettes etc... unfortunately this room was closed yesterday, so the two photos I've included of it are from my phone last time round. I definitely recommend you check whether this bit is open before just turning up like we did! 

Naomi x


  1. Absolutely amazing and exciting to have your art in an exhibition! Congrats!
    Jade xo

  2. your blog is so creative and lovely these images are great!

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS