Dissertation Dilemmas // & "MADE YOU LOOK" Review!

The one question I've been asked absolutely non-stop the last couple of months is "what is your dissertation about?" and I've been struggling so so hard to answer. Which probably shows that I a) need to work harder and b) need to care more. I would say that I'm pretty passionate about the topic, I just have a total problem with written work in general. Plus I struggle so so much with reading that I'm literally months behind, which is not helping my confidence. My tutor has set me a few mini deadlines and I've missed them all so far...I'm trying really hard to write my chapter plan at the moment and to do that I'm kind of identifying what type of questions I'm aiming to answer....so I thought sharing those would probably be the best way to explain what it;s all about! Think of these with the overriding themes of creativity, craft, community, connectivity and consumer culture - such alliteration! ;)

- What is creativity? Why do we make things?
- Why is creativity an important asset to maintain in the digital era?
- Why have we reverted to traditional craft methods despite technological advancements?
- The significance of (craft) process
- How has 'craft' become separated from 'art' ? (William Morris' lesser arts argument)
- Prevalence of the arts & crafts movement morals evident today
- Similarities between craft in the industrial revolution & the technological revolution.
- 21st century arts education.
- Resurgance of craft/craft values in the 'disposable era' (consumerism)
- Blogging as a specialised global community 

People keep assuming that I'm talking just about the downfalls of digital, but that is way off and not very exciting! It's more a sociological examination of how craft brings people together, connecting them as a community and sort of how arts & craft morals are evident today. It's so hard to explain concisely!

Anyways, the point of this blog post has gone WAY OFF. I just really wanted to share one of the documentaries I'm using as a source. I first heard about the 'Made You Look' film maybe a year ago and eagerly awaited the first opportunity I could see it...which using my Somerset House Volunteer card was actually the premiere!! This took place as part of Pick Me Up last Spring... and I immediately wanted needed to see it again. The documentary, along with various Q&A sessions, has been touring the UK since but unfortunately I haven't been able to go see it again. However you can now rent (£5 per 24hrs) or buy (£8 for HD download) the film on Vimeo and I cannot recommend it more. I downloaded it on Monday night and have watched it approximately 13 times since, not just because of its relevance to my dissertation but just because it's an excellent work of art itself, stunning shots and such interesting content from interviews with amazing artists of the contemporary DIY graphic arts scene! The documentary takes a wide range of UK illustrators and designers who in turn show how they work and talk about their own love-hate relationships with computers, the significance of their creative process to their work and how they're able to make a living doing what they love.

Here's the trailer and if you're not sold yet (why not!???) ... there's plenty more clips on their website...

Made You Look from Look and Yes on Vimeo.

Enjoy! Let me know if you watch it :D 
Sorry this blog post is so wordy!

Naomi x

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