A Look Back at London Design Festival 2015 #LDF15

I was lucky enough to work at London Design Festival this year, and being stationed all over the place meant that I was able to get a good look around at a lot of what was going on. The Design Festival (19th-27th Sept) actually takes place in HUNDREDS of venues across the capital, with several design districts such as Shoreditch and Queen's Park and also coinciding with five big design events, such as DesignJunction. I was mainly based at the biggest hub, the V&A and Somerset House (a new addition for 2015), I also attended a press conference at Greenwich Peninsula...search the hashtag #pylondon to see what that was about! 

Amongst other things, Somerset House homed ten designers in their west wing for ten days, my favourite of which was the Patternity room - pictured first below! When at the V&A I was mostly in charge of looking after the (most popular) exhibit "Curiosity Cloud" which was comprised of 264 mouth-blown glass bulbs, each housing a pretend insect and lights, which became illuminated when activated by motion/heat. No amount of description, photos or even videos could possibly put how stunning this was into perspective - although unfortunately with queues of up to 45 minutes the room was often too full for visitors to experience this aspect of it fully. Aside from this beauty, my favourite piece at the V&A was Barnaby Barford's Tower of Babel, a construction of 3000 porcelain pieces each with photographic images of real London shops on. The title taken from the biblical story about reaching for heaven but never quite making it, the piece examined consumerist attitudes on reaching for happiness through buying things - with the top of the tower being some of London's most exquisite shops and the base being derelict buildings. As I was busy working at certain stations for the whole ten days, I had little chance to visit the Design Districts or other participating galleries. However I used my free few hours to go and see the Shoreditch Design Triangle, as London's renowned creative district this was obviously packed full of talent, inspiration and was just great fun to follow the trail of places as everything is so densely packed together! :)

Naomi x

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