Travels: South of France

(Another three month late travel post.......) Finally moving on from Italy, we got the train from Genoa to Nice. This was to be our base to see as much of the South of France as we could in 48hours with Caroline's friend from Norway joining us too, however due to the train being delayed, the buses in Nice taking a million hours to get anywhere and Caroline's drink being spiked, we didn't actually get half the things done we'd hoped for. Perfect excuse to go again though! I ended up doing quite a lot of Nice by myself super early in the morning whilst the others were sleeping/getting ready... including walking almost 4 miles to see the incredible Russian cathedral, which was typically closed for refurbishment... I did get to witness a beautiful church service in their gardens mind! The buildings of Nice were all gorgeous to be honest, maybe just because they were primarily painted in my fave colour combo of yellow, turquoise and pink, or perhaps because of the Italian influence in the architecture. Another of my early morning trips took me to the Musee Matisse  from here I met my friends at the train station where we planned to get the train to Eze, but in keeping with how many disasters where happening, we missed our stop and ended up in Monte-Carlo. Monte-Carlo was a horribly unwelcoming place and really I don't see what all the hype is about. The very last place we went was Villefranche-sur-Mer which was so so beautiful that it made everything alright again....we never made it to Eze unfortunately, but next timeeeeee

Naomi x

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