Travels: Shopping in Barcelona

I'm trying to rush through my last few travel posts because I am exploring London at the speed of light and I have soooooooo much of that that I just can't wait to share! I've been back just under three weeks and I've already ticked eleven things off my #100thingslist and done much much more besides! But I thought I'd finish these travel posts first so that things don't end up too jumpy and confused...and besides they're already like three months late. At the time I took these photos of shopping in Barcelona, I'd intended to write like a full guide, however I've pretty much forgotten lots of it...so I've a feeling this will be more of a brief overview. 

The main three 'types' of shopping we did was at markets, in brand/brand outlet shops and the independents - primarily the ones in the t backstreets between La Rambla and El Barrio Gotic (KEY SHOPS = Natura, Incas & Home on Earth.  Our our tour guide was the one to tell us how big Barcelona is for outlets but as we didn't have the time to go to the out of town shops we tried 'Lefties' - a one stop shop for old clothes from the likes of Bershka, Zara and the other big Spanish brands. It sounds amazing on paper but you would have had to search very hard to find anything outstanding in there. Instead we headed for the actual versions of these shops, plus Pull and Bear and my all time favourite Stradivarius! Also, the poshest H&M ever! As for markets, we tried the Flea Market which was humungouuuuuuuus and for food, obviously La Boqueria!

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