Travels: Paris

After Barcelona we headed back to France for our final stop in Paris. As thanks to EasyJet it was genuinely cheaper to stop off there on the way home than to fly direct back to London, but mostly because I was desperate to be reunited with two of my best friends who live there, Caroline and Toby!!! Whilst texting Caroline to ask where we should meet, I passingly told her that I perhaps couldn't stay all day as I had to go and see the key Amelie locations before I went home. However I arrived the next morning, and the total star that she is, had organised me a whole tour of ALL the film locations, despite not having seen it herself (SHOCKING ;)). Obviously this put me on a bit of a high! After that we stayed in the area of the Sacre-Couer for a bit as the views were incredible and she also wanted to show me this mindblowingly amazing textiles shop, which was pattern heaven. After that we headed to central Paris as I hadn't been since a day trip when I was six or seven!  We did the famous bridges, ice cream in the gardens near the Louvre and Notre Dame... afterwards I met back up with my friends who'd had their own day in Paris and showed me the incredible Shakespeare and Company bookshop, which is absolutely unmissable if you're nearby!

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