Travels: Last stop, Disneyland!

Three months late, finally this is my last post from my backpacking trip! (Though there's my family holiday coming up too...). I am very very lucky that one of my best friends works in Disneyland Paris and even luckier that he agreed to let my uni friends he'd never met into the park too (Taaa Toby!) It was a spectacular way to spend our very last day of four weeks on the go. Unfortunately we had to go to the airport the second the parade finished, so we missed Disney Dreams, which I know Caroline would have LOVED. I mean, who wouldn't!? Seriously, watch it! Toby kindly got us VIP tickets into the Frozen show too - much to the distain of many parents. And I finally got some new Minnie ears, as my old ones no longer fit my head ;) 

I can't believe summer is over in a weeks time, but it has honestly been the best summer of my life. I'm going to do a very brief overview in Instagram posts at the end of next week (totally stole that idea off Ellie...). I am dead keen to go on another long trip next year though in between finishing uni and actually graduating, maybe more detail of Spain, some of Switzerland and hopefully delve into Eastern Europe too.  :)

Naomi x

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