Travels: La Boqueria Market

The. Best. Food. Market. Ever. This place puts Borough Market to shame, seriously.  Located on La Rambla, we were introduced to La Boqueria initially on our Free Walking Tour, when the guide pleaded with us to actually buy some local food there rather than just going in to take photos! Looking back that was a very justified plea, as it was just such a colourful and lively place that it was so easy to get lost in a very instagrammable world... I have to admit I am guilty of this... but I did buy two amazing fruit salads during our stay at €1 each as well. Top tip if you're on a budget is definitely to go near closing time as everything is cut price, however if you've got a bit more to spend though you could easily find everything you'd need for a picnic lunch to take a short walk the beach or the park.

Naomi x

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  1. Everything is so....colorful. The candies are what caught my eye!