Travels: Barcelona's Best Bits

I'm really struggling to pick a selection of photos which genuinely sum up the amazing atmosphere of Barcelona. I think it is an impossible mission, it's one of those places you just have to be there to experience it. I swear I am secretly Spanish or something, every time I touch down on Spanish/Catalunyan soil I instantly feel at home and I always get pangs of "homesickness" for Frigiliana at various points throughout the year and I've no doubt that Barcelona will be the same - if not more so! We had three nights in Barcelona and due to our flight times, almost four full days, however this was still nowhere near enough. We kickstarted our visit with this basic Free Walking Tour to get our bearings (they also run an 'alternative' and 'photography' version) - it was much better than I'd expected, covering history, sport, art, shopping, tourism and contemporary culture - and I would definitely do the other tours next time too! In fact, there are SO many things that I would definitely do in Barcelona next time... we didn't even get to go inside the Sagrada Familia or any art galleries or anything because we just didn't have the time (or money that close to the end of the trip!) I'm trying to persuade my family that they would all love a weekend there, but in reality I would just love to live there for like maybe a year :D

Naomi x

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  1. Oh these photos are lovely, they make me want to go to Barcelona now!!
    I have never been before, I usually just go to tenerife every year with my family as they have a time share, but I want to travel everywhere. Barcelona is definitely near the top of the list!

    Jodie | a-textile-perspective.blogspot.co.uk