Travels: Back to Italy

I am writing this on the very last day of my incredible last-ever-long-summer-holidays, which has been a total adventure. A couple of months after I returned from travelling I set off back to Italy with my family, the the far south-eastern region of Puglia, which is often overlooked by tourists and was indeed the only corner of the country we hadn't included in our backpacking trip. The atmosphere felt totally different to the rest of the country, and it looked pretty different too... 90% of the buildings in and around Alberobello had triangular roofs! Which was pretty cute to begin with, although I have to admit that after a week of getting lost every single night in the car, the novelty of all these identical buildings did start to wear off slightly! It was genuinely really refreshing to spend a week in the Italian countryside though immediately before returning to London for another year... anyway, talking of which, it's time to take on third year!!!!!

Naomi x

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  1. Looks beautiful, hope I get a change to visit Italy some time, I will have to look into this place too!!

    Jodie | http://a-textile-perspective.blogspot.co.uk