Travels & Arty Adventures: Matisse Museum

My number one excitement when moving on from Italy to stay in Nice, was the Matisse Museum. Our hotel in Nice was utterly pants compared to the AirBnb flats we'd been totally spoilt by in Italy and with four of us (one of whom was very sick!) packed into a room no bigger than the bed itself, I found myself leaving the hotel at 7am everyday to go off on my own early morning adventures... my priority being the Musee Matisse. However Nice is BIG. And, hence with no internet and only an A in GCSE French to go on it took me almost two hours to get from the hotel room to the door of the museum. I'd expected to pay to get in, however for students it turns out it is free at certain points of the week and they also gave me a 'passport' card which allowed me free access to all of Nice's other museums. 

Now, back to Matisse! Matisse has been a major artistic hero of mine for yeee-aaars. I am a massive fan of his cut-out work, but I also adore the later of his paintings too. Something about the way he uses colour just gets me every single time. I found myself walking very quickly around his early paintings, keen to get to the ones I knew I would really really love to see...and the real life versions did not disappoint! However the real show stealer for me was the temporary exhibition in which Matisse's loose figurative mixed media drawings were placed directly next to giant versions of his colourful cut-outs. The movement of the figurative drawings almost flowed into the cut-outs, allowing me to see them come more to life too. This room was also brimming with bright colours, which enhanced the whole atmosphere and livelihood of the place - I definitely walked out of there on a bright note and on a total creative high! 

I kept getting told I couldn't take photos, which is why some of these are so pants... I went crazy in the shop buying postcards of my favourite pieces though!

Naomi x

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