The One Where.... I Go See the Friends Set!

I was incredibly incredibly fortunate that I just happened to be scrolling through Facebook literally minutes before the first batch of FriendsFest tickets were released, when I saw the announcement that it was happening. Obviously as one of the biggest Friends fans you will ever come across, I was on this within a matter of milliseconds and managed to bag myself tickets to the first session. Now I'm the kind of person who watches so much of this show that I sometimes genuinely start to think the gang are my own friends, so this was a total dream come true. Upon entering the Boiler House on Brick Lane we were given free reign to walk about the attractions, exhibits and photo opportunities at our own pace for two hours. There were casual replicas of Joey's flat, Central Perk and the umbrella/fountain scenes, which were primarily for interactive photo/video taking. One whole wall was covered in photos and another in quotes, everybody got free 'Central Perk' coffee/biscuits and you could even get a 'Rachel' done in the hair salon! However, the highlight of the experience for everybody was Monica's flat, everything so so exact - down to details of even Rachel's infamous trifle sitting in the fridge! :)

Naomi x


  1. Out of all the things you've been to, I think this time is one of the most jealous times I've been!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. hahahaha oh Lauren is funny! ^^
    I must say I am jealous tooo .. this is amazingly cool!
    Jade xo