THE Best Four Months of my Life

Not gonna lie, I totally stole this idea off of Ellie...but as my last ever long summer holidays draws to a close I thought it was a fitting way to reflect on what has been THE best four months of my life! Although there was no way I could pick so few photos and hence loads of big events are missing from the collage above - however you can fully stalk my summer here and obviously backwards on my blog too! Don't forget to leave plenty of likes and comments! ;)

 Summer started amazingly with Mum, Charlotte and her family coming down to London to see S Club 7 live at the O2, this was kind of a late birthday celebration for me too! A few days later Caroline, Shauneen, Dom and I jetted off to the very very south of Italy and spent a month travelling - making our way up the country through its most iconic cities and most beautiful landscapes, before coming home we also crossed the South of France, dipped into Barcelona and came back via Paris. It lit within me a REAL sense of adventure that I just don't think I will ever be able to shake off, inspired me beyond belief and I'm already starting to dream up next year's route across other European countries. A few days after I got home, I dashed off back to London for a few days with Amy-Lee over to stay and the Cass Art Ambassador exhibition on Brick Lane. Two days after Amy-Lee left, Silvia arrived to stay and two days after she left Ana came to stay... which overall was an incredible fortnight as these three are three of my very best friends and I barely get to see any of them usually.... but I was very lonely when they left, so headed back home to spend some of mum's school summer holidays with her. 

We went to Puglia as a family, which is the only area of Italy I hadn't explored at the start of summer and it felt so so SO different to the rest of the country! I headed back to London at the start of September and I've been a busy bee, accidentally racing through my '100 things list' (14/100 so far)! Plenty of blog posts on the way, but i've also been working at the 'London Design Festival' - assisting at press conferences and volunteering in the v&a - so time has been limited but being so close to the workings of an arts event has been amazing! I've been thinking a lot over summer about what I'll be up to and aiming for this time next year and arts events/pr is pretty high up on the list, but I don't know! Uni starts again next week and we have SO MUCH to do - both in our dissertation and our practical work - and truth be told, I am terrified of third year, I wish summer could last forever, but I am absolutely buzzing to get back in the studio!

Oh and I saw Florence and the Machine at Ally Pally on Monday and she was the most incredible performer I have EVER had the privilege to see live. Words. Cannot. Describe. .....AND I attended my first ever blog event last night, thanks to the London Graphic Centre for having us! :D

Naomi x

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