Out & About: a Weekend in Londontown

This has been my first full weekend back in London and I am LOVING it. I've missed this place like mad. Over summer I created a list of "100 things to see/do in London" in the next twelve months, none of which I've done before...., Maltby St Market was number 45 on this list, however all the other bits and bobs below in this post I just came across on social media last week. So on Saturday morning 

I left my house at 7:15am on Saturday and made my way to Southwark station, from here I had about an hour to wander about unknown places with my camera, get lost a million times, and make it to Ropewalk for Maltby St Market's opening at 9am. The market was adorable and I was offered a free amazing iced coffee with avocado, banana and coconut... in-cred-i-ble. Next I walked over tower bridge and hopped on the bus to Stoke Newington for the Princess May car boot sale, not something I'd expect to find in London! However the diversity and vibrancy of London's people was definitely reflected in the items on sale compared to whats available at carboots back home! Another bus journey took me to Chatsworth Road annual festival, which was a real community affair, however the highlight for me was definitely the Hackney Flea Market further down the road! Stopping off at Broadway Market on my way, I cut my other East London plans short and made the journey back into central London as I'd seen on twitter that it was the last chance to see the  'London Places and Spaces' illustration exhibition. Unfortunately this did mean I had to shell out on an annual pass to the Transport Museum to get in, but i'm sure I can use it again for drawing or something, the exhibition though was the most inspiring thing I've seen in a while. And being in Covent Garden, I just had to join the gazillion people instagramming the extremely weird balloon thing...

Despite getting up at 5am on Sunday, I had to stay home most the morning doing boring grown up things like laundry. So I didn't have time for Columbia Road, which I've missed so so much over summer. However getting to Somerset House super early to meet Dom meant that I had plenty of time to browse the Rizzoli Bookshop! Then once I'd found Dom we went into the 'Now Play This' event which included everything from Board Games to Beanbag throwing to puzzles (that we just could not get our heads round.) It was a fabulous event and great fun to just forget about the adult world for a bit ;)

Maltby St Market

Princess May Carboot

Chatsworth Rd Festival/Hackney Flea Market

(I then popped to Broadway Market on my way to central, but I didn't take any photos this time!)

Finished the day off with a trip to Pull and Bear, fell utterly in love with a dress...but couldn't bring myself to part with £24!

"Now Play This" at Somerset House

Naomi x


  1. I'm honestly so jealous/in awe of all the places you go to and things you get to do! Definitely need to have a trip to London soon! Even better have you as a tour guide! ;)
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. Ahhh I have just been in London this weekend and completely forgot about the balloon instalment in Covent garden </3 I also wanted to go see the London Transport Museum but just ran out of time as I was only there a day and a half (no where near long enough)

    Watch out on my blog in the next couple of days for my post on my weekend in London :D

    Jodie | a-textile-perspective.blogspot.co.uk