Out & About, London Life: Broadway Market

I was looking back for a totally unrelated draft post I wrote a few months back when I discovered I'd never published this one about Broadway Market, so these photos are a bit old!

 This place is seriously up there with Columbia Road on my list of top London markets, I in fact visited yet again for the billionth time yesterday!! I can't really identify what it is about it that puts it a step above the rest, but one major point is the real community atmosphere. One of the stallholders once quoted me a statistic that (I think!) around 90% of Broadway Market's shoppers are local-ish people doing bits of their weekly shop and catching up with friends in the cute cafes that line the street. Fairly sure the other 10% is people like me who go to eat the sweet things and instagram everything ;) It's a bit out of the way if you're someone who never strays from the tube map, but its only 15 minutes walk from Bethnal Green, there's plenty or buses AND London Fields is on the newly extended overground map!

Naomi x

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  1. Oh Naomi you have no idea how much I love markets!