Updated 'London To Do List' :)

Photo taken at London Sky Garden

Today marks exactly one year since we picked up the keys to our student house and hence we have somewhere between 10-12 months left before we go separate ways as graduates (scaryyyy). The fact that the future of where I'll be living and working beyond July 2016 is so uncertain has filled me with an extra motivation to keep up my manic level of constant London adventuring...I've been busy jotting down all the things I want to see and do over the next year with the help of my growing shelf of Londony books. Lots of the list is pretty 'mainstream' stuff... but it is all stuff I have never done, despite spending every waking second of the past two years out and about, caring more about exploring than uni, ssssshhhh. ;)

 Somehow, totally coincidentally, the list ended up on precisely 100 things... buuuut if you have suggestions of more things you think I'd love...or areas of the city you think I won't have seen...please comment them below! :) I want to see everything!!!
  1. Drink Shop Do
  2. See live music at Union Chapel
  3. See live music at Rough Trade
  4. Go drawing at London Zoo
  5. Rooftop Cinema
  6. Visit famous places suuuuper early in the morning
  7. Tea and Crafting (minus the tea though, I hate tea...)
  8. Go up Big Ben
  9. Wembley Stadium Tour  (whilst I live in Wembley, I can't not!)
  10. Canvas Cafe E1
  11. Exhibitions at 31 Fournier Street
  12. Nikki's Coffee Bar 
  13. Oxygen Trampoline park (I am soooooo excited this has opened!)
  14. See the Liberty exhibition at Fashion&Textile Museum - ahhhh since I wrote this blogpost I've been contacted for one of my drawings to be IN the exhibition... HELLO PRIVATE VIEW! ;)
  15. Continue to see every exhibition at the Design Museum...
  16. ...and the House of Illustration!
  17. Spend a solid 12 hours outdoors with my sketchbook, be observational!
  18. Kew Gardens in the other 3 seasons - (I've only ever been in Winter before!)
  19. 5 hours a month with my sketchbook at a museum
  20. Jack the Ripper Tour
  21. Garden Museum Lambeth
  22. Chelsea Physic Garden (... I sound like a total grandma with all these gardens!)
  23. London Open House Weekend
  24. London Design Festival
  25. Go to First Thursdays every month
  26. See something at the Globe 
  27. See three more musicals!
  28. Early morning outdoor yoga class
  29. Thorpe Park (not technically London I know...)
  30. Chessington World of Adventures (slightly more London, slightly more childish)
  31. Free outdoor cinema - theres hundreds of these!
  32. Swim at the olympic pool
  33. Swim at a lido
  34. Centrepoint bar
  35. Go up the shard
  36. Up at the 02
  37. London Eye again - haven't been since 2000!
  38. East London Photo Month
  39. All Stars Bowling
  40. Colourscape Festival
  41. Walk a 5K for charity ?????? - determined to put my walking to good use, as I've finally rebuilt the strength to crack a 5K after years on crutches/in wheelchair/slowly walking more & more
  42. Geffrye Museum
  43. Stay out ALL night walking!
  44. Brixton Village
  45. Maltby Street Market
  46. Propaganda at the 02 academy - fave night out in Cambridge, want to test it in London ;)
  47. Spend an afternoon at the British Library
  48. Climb up St Pauls
  49. Walk the Thames Path
  50. Do a Section of the Capital Ring... or gradually all of it ;)
  51. Cycle all of Canal Path
  52. See the Changing of the Guard at least once :') 
  53. Thames Speeedboat Tour
  54. See some music at Koko
  55. Go to Buttoned Down Disco more often!
  56. Ladybird Bar Islington... just because of its name.
  57. Have my friends from back home over for a night out.
  58. Reminiscence Centre Blackheath
  59. Petrie Museum... for the Egyptian stuff!
  60. Regents Park Road
  61. Florence Nightingale museum
  62. Bethnal Green Gallery Cafe
  63. Bermondsey Square
  64. Peckham's infamous carpark
  65. Electric Avenue 
  66. Wimbledon Temple
  67. Ely in London - theres a pub and gated road in London that is technically in my Cambridgeshire hometown...
  68. The Book Club
  69. The Thai Restaurant run by homeless women
  70. Addington Hills 
  71. Happy Valley Park 
  72. St Christophers Chapel
  73. South London Gallery
  74. Anthony Epes London at Dawn Workshop 
  75. Queen's Orchard Greenwich
  76. Trent Park Go Ape - just because I've never made it to the Thetford one!
  77. Red House/Garden
  78. Merton Abbey Mills
  79. Foundling Museum
  80. 7 Hammersmith Terrace
  81. British Museum ...genuinely, I have never been...
  82. Use FunZingUK to find workshops, events and meet Londony peeps.
  83. The Breakfast Club
  84. Leighton House Museum
  85. Cartoon Museum
  86. The "East End Walk" that's in my London book!
  87. Great Fire of London Walk
  88. Pollocks Toy Museum
  89. See the Boat Race... GO CAMBRIDGE!
  90. ...and the Goat Race GO CAMBRIDGE!
  91. Lucky Voice Karaoke
  92. Ragged School Museum
  93. Holly Village, Highgate
  94. Paxton Chocolate workshops
  95. This Supper Club thing I read about once...
  96. Go to some ThinkingBob events to meet even more London peeps.
  97. School of Life
  98. Innerspace Meditation Group
  99. Visit Eel Pie Island
  100. Go right to the end of the metropolitan line to get some country air in Amersham!
Naomi x

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  1. Love this list! I've wanted to go to Drink Shop Do for so long!!