Travels: Venice & Murano

Another super delayed travel post as I try desperately hard to procrastinate from packing. I'm heading back to London tomorrow for third year. THIRD YEAR. How incredibly scary is that!? My last ever ever year of education... not gonna lie, I am terrified! ...anyway, as a complete distraction I'm going to share some of the rest of my visit toVenice... the other day I posted about my very favourite part of the area, Burano, so here are some other pics of the rest of the main island and Murano. It seems to me that everybody and their Nan has gone to Venice this year. Literally sooo many people, and really it's no surprise. If I'm being brutally honest, my first impression on exiting the train station was how overpopulated by tourists it really was - which is partially why I preferred the quieter 'working' islands of Murano and Burano...however, over the two days we spent in Venice it really grew on me and by the end I was completely and utterly in love. I stopped in nearly every shop to find the perfect Venetian glass bracelet and earrings, which you could see being created in the glassblowing factories on Murano island. The architecture is just so rustic, unique and beautiful, you can honestly get lost for hours in the maze of little alleyways and bridges (as we did looking for Piazza San Marco, however the square is home to the most gorgeous of buildings and must not be missed!) 

Naomi x

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