TRAVELS: the most colourful place in the world...

So, everybody knows what Venice looks like and the total touristy hype that surrounds it, which is why I found the city slightly unexciting on first impression. However, if you catch a river bus from outside the train station, you are just 20 minutes away from 'Burano', the most cheerful and colourful place in the world. Burano is one of two large 'islands', along with Murano that are structured around canals in much the same way as Venice and were first inhabited to push the specialist trades of glassblowing and lacemaking away from the main city - both of which are still practised today. Somehow, Burano has remained little heard of by the masses that flock to Venice itself and whilst I wouldn't ever want it to become infested by tourists, I do recommend that if you're in Venice you take half a day to go and behold this colourful wonder. It's not that big, but it is full of charm - you can watch the little old ladies who still sit hand making lace and theres a fair few delightful little shops and cafes too. Plus, it's a perfect opportunity for photos - especially if you wear clothes that match! ;) 

Naomi x

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