Travels: I flippin' love Firenze :D

After the other day's bookshop post I thought I'd continue my rave about how beautiful Florence is and how much the city just radiated creative vibes. The second I set foot here I just fell in love, which I wasnt expecting at all... we only had a couple of days, but the city was a manageable size that we could go everywhere on foot and ticked everything off our 'to do' list.  Oh and, is it weird to have a favourite building? because I think the Duomo di Firenze is mine....(fortunately for the photo I was even dressed to match its black & white patterny wonderfulness).  

We spent hours running around Florence's little narrow streets popping in and out of Artisan shops and meeting the makers. The famous Ponte Vecchio is the bridge of buildings that crosses the river, each one is a super fancy jewellery shop! The main covered in market mostly sells leather goods, but there's plenty of touristy stalls dotted about Florence too. There is lots going on in the centre of Florence at night, but the last evening at the flat (after I'd accidentally made enough risotto to feed an army) I begged and begged that we went out to the Piazzale Micelangelo for sunset (the bridges also have cracking sunrises + sunsets though as the river runs East to West)...the climb was worth every step though as the view down on the city lights was absolutely breathtaking. As the most annoying person in the world, I also begged everyone got up super early the next morning to make it into the Boboli gardens for their 8am opening time before our train to Venice, again well worth it for the views, even if you're not into the sculptures ;) 

Naomi x

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