Travels: Black Spring Bookshop, Florence

Waiting for our AirBnB host to let us into the amazing apartment we stayed in in Florence, we discovered this beautiful independent bookshop right across the street, which doubled up as a cute little breakfast cafe. Set in a beautifully lit space through an interior archway, Black Spring feels like an imaginative den - with mismatched chairs and crockery adding to the comforting, creative vibes. Every spare inch of wall was adorned with art and the shelves lined with a wide variety of titles, artist books and zines. I could have spent hours in here, and if I didn't have three more hand-luggage-only flights before going home, I would have easily bought 99% of the shop!

Naomi x

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  1. Such nice place! I would've definitely join you during those many hours you would spent!
    Jade x