Travels: the Artisan side of Florence

Another post of Florence lovinnnn'. Honestly this place is just indescribably perfect in every way. In the last post I briefly mentioned Florence's big artisan culture, so today I thought I'd show it off visually! Everything from food to earrings to home textiles can be found somewhere in Florence's narrow streets, made locally with an insane level of love, care and precision. Many of the shops even have the studios or workshops attached on the same premises. As I'm currently researching for my dissertation, I've been doing lots of reading on the arts and crafts movement's influence on modern life - safe to say, I have never experienced anywhere in the world where its influence is still quite as prevalent as it felt in Florence! 

Naomi x


  1. your photos are beautiful!!!!! florence is my favourite place! x

  2. So lovely to see things being made too. I've never been to Italy but all your photos are making me swoooon! xx

  3. These are so nice and lovely! Love looking at little things like these ones!
    Jade xo